2009/3/3のNews clipping 

・Raf Simons and Rem Koolhaas at Prada (2009/3/2 WWD)

・他行宛の振込手数料を月間3回まで無料に! (みずほ銀行)

・VIX ETN: Works Least When You Need It Most? (2009/2/26 seeking alpha)

・国民年金基金の対象拡大 60代前半や海外居住者も 厚労省方針 (2009/3/2 NIKKEI NET)

・バフェット氏の投資会社、純利益96%減 08年10-12月 (2009/3/3 NIKKEI NET)


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2008/11/24のNews clipping 

Water ETFs Could Clean Up Act With Obama (2008/11/23/ ETF Trends)

Turkey ETF May Not See Benefits of Rate Cuts (2008/11/23/ ETF Trends)

シティグループ救済に200億ドル、米政府 (2008/11/24/ AFPBB News)

a new architectural movement? (2008/11/21/ Architechnophilia)

Plastic Fantastic Shoe Ads - The Magical Melissa "Plastic Dreams" Campaign (2008/11/22/ TREND HUNTER Magazine)

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2008/11/17のNews clipping 

「医師のモラル」発言を撤回し謝罪―二階経産相 (2008/11/14 16:09/ CBニュース)

患者受け入れ調整で「地域救急センター」設置へ―東京都 (2008/11/16 19:32/ CBニュース)

診療所数増加傾向に歯止め―厚労省調査 (2008/11/14 14:32/ CBニュース)

Phaeno Science Centre by Zaha Hadid Architects in Wolfsberg, Germany (2008/11/15/ archiDE)

It's all about taste: Redesigning the River Café (2008/11/17/ The Independent)

New Russian Ruble ETF Offers Several Interesting Trading Possibilities (2008/11/16/ Seeking alpha)

New iShares Target Date ETFs Pose Challenge to Existing Lifecycle Funds (2008/11/13/ Seeking alpha)

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